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non alcoholic wines

Our premium range includes 3 exceptional wines that deliver a quality wine experience for wine lovers, without the effects of alcohol.

Classically Australian, our Premium Sparkling Shiraz has tantalising blackberry and currant fruit aromas. Hints of oak and smoky exotic spices are complemented by a palate that is round and full. The sparkling bead combines with rich dark fruit flavours and chocolate notes, making for
a luscious indulgence. Persistent rich spicy flavours, yet finishing crisp and clean.

Our Sparkling White has delicious white peach fruit flavours that come through with notes of citrus, apricot, apple and complex oak. A quality alternative to alcoholic sparkling wine, our Premium Sparkling White has a beautiful clean, fresh palate with good length and wonderful balance.

Both our Rosé are a delicately fruity, tangy summer wine. The nose has a dominant rhubarb note along with subtle hints of rosehip and strawberries.
A lively acidity gives it the necessary freshness and the accompanying juicy fruits that make this alcohol free Rosé a real taste experience.

It is a real summer highlight, which is also excellent with fresh summer salads and pasta and Asian dishes, best served at 10ºC.

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