The Latest "Spinning Cone Technology" Is Now Revealed

This exciting new scientific process involves innovative technology, vaporisation, and the careful removal of alcohol from our wine without compromising the authentic varietal flavours. Our alcohol-removal process have been designed to operate at low temperatures, which has been proven to be kind and loving on the grapes, so they retain all the natural taste, texture, antioxidants and aromas of all your favourite wines.

Spinning cone process

Clean Healthy Living alcohol-removed wines are produced using the most sophisticated and efficient methods of alcohol extraction. This includes the use of a custom Spinning Cone Column that has been modified for the extraction of alcohol for our premier range of non alcoholic wines (see attached diagraph).

The Spinning Cone Column removes alcohol from the base wine through a careful process of distillation, in order to protect the delicate aromas. The wine is then refined, purified and put through a blending process to return volume and sweetness. This is achieved by adding a small amount of grape concentrate (6%).
The step by step process of dealcoholisation is as follows:

  1. Finished wine is fed into the top of the Spinning Cone Column.
  2. Rotating cones use centrifugal force to transform the wine into a thin film.
  3. Under vacuum and at low temperatures, typically less than 30oC, steam that has been produced from wine is fed into the bottom of the column. When it comes into contact with the film, it extracts the wine's delicate aromas and flavours and protects them from oxidisation.
  4. The remaining liquid is passed through the column again, at a temperature of approximately 35-40oC, to remove the alcohol through evaporation.
  5. The flavour and aroma essences are recombined with the de-alcoholised wine and blended with unfermented varietal grape juice (to replace lost volume), creating a wine with less than 0.5% alcohol by volume.

Clean Healthy Living has incorporated all the general principles of winemaking, along with the latest science to ensure a superior taste and product. The Clean Healthy Living range of beverages starts out as naturally fermented wine and only the highest quality grape juice for each varietal must be used during the process and there is no additional water added into our wines during the wine making process.
Clean Healthy Living proudly adheres to the latest AWBC (Australian Wine and Branding Corporation) standards.

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