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non alcoholic red wines

The Pinot Noir is the ‘flagship’ of our premier range. It has attractive red and dark fruit characters, hints of earthiness and a savoury complexity.

The palate has fine interwoven tannins with perfectly ripe sweet cherry and mulberry fruit flavours, delicate yet intense in the mouth. Clean and rounded with a delightful juicy finish.

Our well structured smooth Australian Cabernet Sauvignon with a deep red colour, intense blackcurrant, blackberry and cedar flavours and a strong blueberry aroma. Smooth and well rounded on the palate, the intense flavours of this wine is a delight.

For lovers of rich, handsome reds that are full of fruity tones, our Shiraz is going to be an absolute game-changer. It has all the heart of a regular red wine due to the extended time the grapes are left to ripen, combined with our latest spinning cone technology.

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